I have had an interest in nature, and Butterflies and Orchids in particular, for over 30 years. As a photographer I find limitless subjects in nature and I am fascinated by studying and learning about what I see on my travels.

My blog was inspired by my photography trips, mainly in Southern England, and I decided to put together some sections to help others get as much pleasure from their trips in the countryside as I do from mine.

Comma butterfly

Most of the information in my blog and other sections will focus on UK butterflies and wildlife, although in places I will cover European species and areas.

If you have come here hoping to find masses of in depth and scientific information about wildlife you will probably be disappointed, because although I find that fascinating too, my aim is to keep things simple and focus on the sheer enjoyment of getting out there and exploring the countryside.

My blog is not intended to be a monologue and I am always pleased to hear from you about your trips and experiences with butterflies and other wildlife, so feel free to comment on my posts or alternatively send me a message via the comment form.