July is a good month to see lovely Gatekeepers (aka Hedge Browns). They can be seen around shrub and on grassland and it is one of the butterflies where it is possible to separate the male and female, as the male has a prominent scent gland on the forewing.

Seeing Butterflies

  Today I'm focusing on a few tips for spotting butterflies in nature.┬áBecause I'm a nature photographer, I find it hard to not (even subconsciously) do a mental check whenever I go out for what kind of wildlife I am likely to encounter. I influences the lenses I will want for a start. Sometimes I [...]

Which Blue Butterfly?

Have you seen a tiny blue butterfly on your walk and wondered which one you saw? The blue butterflies are some of the most confusing ones to identify, so I have put the above chart together to help give you a head start in finding out what you saw. It is no substitute for proper [...]